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In 2008, guitarist James Hannay assembles a group of brilliant young musicians with a love of vintage funk and soul to form The Low Riders.

8 years later, having played over 250 weddings, corporate events and parties all over Europe they are invited to become the resident band of the infamous Covent Garden club Bunga Bunga at its opening in 2016. The Bunga Boys are born.

At Bunga Bunga, playing 2 or 3 nights every week, they notch up a further 500 gigs over the next 4 years and expand their repertoire massively from Funk and Soul to Jazz, Rock n’ Roll, Pop, Hip-Hop and everything else that make your heart sing and your feet fly.  Meanwhile, The Low Riders keep riding.  Whilst the Bunga Boys are wowing them in the club, The Low Riders are still wowing them on the road.

The Low Riders have earnt their reputation as the tightest, funkiest, most joyful band in the UK.  And you can hire them right now.




‘The song selection was perfect, the dancefloor was constantly packed and the atmosphere was amazing’
Jason and Sarah Langley


‘You were incredible and we were elated that the whole dance floor was packed all evening…’
Tom Eyles


‘The band were absolutely incredible.  Everybody has said that they made the party so i literally cannot thank you enough.’
Lucy Decker


‘Couldn’t have gone better, will be booking you again next year’
Nicky at Vodafone


For enquiries or further information please call James on 07786 220235,
or email