Setting Up / Sound-Checking

It is essential that we have sufficient time to set up and sound-check, and depending on the size of the band this can take up to 120 mins. However if the stage is clear we can do usually it 60-90mins. 90% of this time will be moving kit around and plugging in and only 10% will be actually making noise. Please note that there will be an extra charge if you require the band at the venue before 6pm that day.

Contracts & Booking

Bookings are confirmed by receipt of at least 25% deposit and a signed Musicians Union Band Hire Agreement stating full details of the event. Remaining payment is normally required one week before the gig by bank transfer or as cash, paid at the start of the gig. Musician’s Union booking agreements comply with up to date industry standards.


Due to illness, or clashing schedules, we can’t guarantee that all the musicians that play on the night are those featured on the website though it’s more than likely. If any of the featured vocalists can’t make the gig- we will inform you well before the night that we are intending to use a deputy, otherwise we guarantee that other deputies will be rehearsed and players of the highest calibre.


Can the band play with a sound-limiter?

Yes of course, we do it the whole time. Ideally we would be able to play as loud as the music deserves but of course the reality of venues is that they often have limiters. We have the capacity to turn down quite considerably but please advise us what your venue’s limits at booking.

Does the band need a stage?

No-  we can perform with or without staging, indoors or outdoors. We just need the space to set up and do our thing.  Here is a rough guide to the minimum stage area we would require:
5 Piece Band: 16ft by 12ft

7/8/9 Piece Band: 20ft by 12ft

Can we request songs?

Yes! But not any random song.  It has to be from our songlist which you will be given once you’ve booked . Please note that whilst we will endeavour to accommodate as many requests as possible, we like to leave space for the killer tunes that we know will bring the house down.  If you’re worried about hearing songs you actively don’t like, just let us know which one and we will avoid!

Can we borrow your mic for speeches?

Yes! As long as your speeches are going to be in the room where the stage is and will be taking place after our soundcheck that’s no problem. If you’d like to have speeches outside we should be able to provide you with a smaller speaker and mic set-up.  Likewise we can arrange an earlier soundcheck (at a small surcharge) so you can have a mic set up in time.  Please enquire further if this is the case.

Will you learn a first dance ?

Yes – provided that the song choice is suitable for the band, we love to do that.  Often people prefer to have the original played through our system which is totally fine – and we can then kick in straight after with the live set.

Can we see the band before we book?

If we are playing at Bunga Bunga in Covent garden (hopefully post-Covid we’ll be back to our rightful Friday and Saturday slot), you will be able to see us there.  This will give you a really good flavour for what the Low Riders do when we’re out on the road.

What happens if we cancel?

In the event of cancellation (by you, the hirer), the deposit would be non-refundable.

Can the band cancel?

No. The contract which would be signed by us as well as you is a legally-binding document that guarantees that we will provide what you have booked. If a musician is taken ill, or pulls out for another reason such as a family emergency, we will hire a suitable replacement so that the performance can go ahead unaffected. Any additional costs for this would be covered by us.

Do we have a PAT and PLI?

Yes we do! We’re insured for up to £10m with the standard Musicians Union PLI. Our equipment is PAT tested every year.

Do we need to provide accommodation for the band?

If the venue is further than 2 hours from London by car and is finishing beyond 11.30pm, we may well require accommodation in a B&B or Hotel. This can be discussed on enquiry.

Do we need to provide the band with food and a changing room?

Yes – one hot meal and access to soft drinks are required. Either as is provided to guests, or as £15 payment per head for a meal outside of the venue. There should also be somewhere comfortable and private for the band to change, eat and relax prior to the performance.

Does there need to be car parking?

Yes – this should be made available, preferably near the entrance of the gig for ease of unloading equipment. Any parking costs incurred would need to be reimbursed in addition to the band’s fee.